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If you’re trying to attract, retain andengage employees, it may be worthwhile to consider adding a group benefit planto your HR strategy. An attractive benefits package gives employees anincentive to join and stay with your company ratherthan giving them a raise in pay.

The cost of plan is cheaper and moreaffordable than individual plans available on the market because the risk isspread across a pool of insured individuals. In general, the small the group,the higher the premium because the risk is higher as the size of a group issmaller.

Our group benefit plan covers lifeinsurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, mostcommonly prescribed drugs, vision care, dental care and travel insurance aswell. Benefit may also be extended to the immediate family and/orother dependents of group members for an extra cost.

“Group Benefit Plan”은 우수 인재 유치, 유지및 회사업무에대한 직원 참여도를 높이기위한 인사정책의 한가지로 주목을 받고 있습니다.  이는 단순한 임금인상 이상보다 유용하게 회사(Group) 에대한 직원의 충성도를 고취시키는데 사용 됩니다.

Planadministrator, 즉 Owner 입장에서 중요한 고려요소인 비용은 개별적으로 개인들이 구입하는것보다 저렴하며 일반적으로 Group(집단) 의 규모가작을수록 일인당 비용부담은 증가합니다.

일반적으로 Plan 에 포함되는 혜택은 다음과 같습니다.

생명보험(질병, 사고), 처방약, 치과, 안경(검안 포함), 물리치료, 여행자 보험.등.

At CoreService, We allow you to focus on your business priorities, while we focus on optimizing your employee group benefit plan.

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