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주택보험료가 계속 올라가는이유?

보험 청구 기록이 없음에도 불구하고 기대와는 달리 Property (Home, Condo, Tenant, Rented Dwelling) 보험료가 지속적으로 상승하는 이유는 일반적으로 다음과 같다.

1) 해가 갈수록 빈번하게 발생하는 자연재해 – 산불, 홍수, 돌풍, Hail등.

2) 도시기반 시설(상,하수도) 의 노후화.

3) 주변지역의 개발 – 상업용시설 진입시 주택 보험료 산정에 영향을 미칠수도..

4) 응급복구 비용의 상승, 가재도구의 고급화.

5) 태양광 패널, 에너지 절감 Door, window, 고효율 Appliances 사용의 대중화 – 환경친화적이긴 하지만 유사시 복구 비용이 많이 소요됨.

6) 고급 재질을 사용하는 주택의 증가.(Hot tubs.)

7) 지하 Finish 증가. – Unfinished Basement 에 비해 물, 하수 역류 피해시 보상비용의 증가.

Reason for rising property insurance

Even if you’ve had no claims, you could see higher premiums than you might expect due to the following reasons.

1) Extreme weather events and catastrophes are more frequent. – forest fires, floods, storms, and other weather events.

2) Municipal infrastructure is getting older.

3) Neighbourhood trends might put you at greater risk. – If there is a new commercial development near your home, insurers might consider this change when assessing risk.

4) Emergency services, skilled trades, and personal belongings are more expensive. – Higher price for things like emergency services and labour costs for repairs means paying for claims is more expensive.

5) Some new features are eco-friendly, but not budget friendly. – A great choice for our environment but if damaged, they could result in more expensive repairs.

6) Modern homes cost more. – More homes with high-end features (like pools and hot tubs) drive up replacement costs and liability claims.

7) Finished basements need more coverage. – Since they’re made with higher-priced building materials, finished basements cost more to repair if there’s a sewer backup or other damage.