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In Ontario, home, condo and tenant insurance are not mandated by law.
However, your home is likely your biggest financial investment so protecting it and its contents should be a top priority.
A typical homeowner’s insurance protects your building and personal contents against insured loss as well as homeowner’s liability.
Most mortgage lenders require home buyers to show proof of home insurance before releasing the mortgage.
Condo insurance protects unit owners within a condo building. It is different from Condo building insurance which is purchased by the condo corporation and covers damage to the building and the building’s common property.
Tenant insurance is for people who live in but do not own the property.
It protects tenant’s personal contents within rental property as well as items in a storage unit and provides liability coverage.
Landlords may require tenants to show a proof of tenant insurance prior to moving in.
While landlords have their own building insurance for building, it does not cover a tenant’s contents or liability.
When shopping around for home insurance, it is important to compare other features such as coverage amounts, exclusions and type of coverage other than premium.
There are several ways to keep your rates down while securing the coverage that fits your needs.

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